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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Pawan's input and suggestions

Pawan had sent his input and suggestions during the HFES meeting. I realized that we did not get a chance to review all of the items during the ITG business meeting. I am reproducing part of his email below -

For the ITG meeting, I'd like to propose the following:

1. Get nominations for the following positions: ITG president, Program Chair, and Newsletter Editor. I'll set up the Website to do a vote next month. And I'd like to nominate Gavin Lew for the ITG President position.

2. If possible, I'd like to see if anyone is willing to sponsor the ITG conference. We haven't had one in a while... and it'd be good to get started again. My company would be willing to co-sponsor it if we can find another co-sponsor.

3. I am still spending a few hours every week to post the jobs on the Website. Currently I post at least 5 positions a week. I am hoping to spend some time in a few weeks to automate this.

4. People are still registering on our website... I have stopped keeping a count! I will formalize it a little more, if we find a need.

5. We need some passionate members to revive ITG. I just started my company about 2 years ago... and we're growing, so I am quite occupied and don't have enough bandwidth to do a good job! But I'll continue to support the website and the job bank.

6. I think the blog was a good idea, but I don't see a lot of activity. Please e-mail me the details and I'll post it on the ITG Website... perhaps that will get us some traffic to the blog.

7. We need to revive the newsletter... and need a good newsletter editor. I can help in putting it up on the Website, but need someone to take the lead in putting it all together. I'd like to Nominate Marc Resnick and/or Ajoy for the position.

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